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Info on the Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station 700W

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station 700W

In July 2021, a 537Wh portable power station including 700W AC inverter, and named EB55, was launched by Bluetti, a trademark of a China company, with a facility in the U.S.

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station 700W
Battery type: LiFePO4     (Info on LiFePO4 batteries)
You can use this power station with the LFP/LiFePO4 battery type for a long time: 2500+ life cycles!   (With a Lithium-ion battery it would be 500+ life cycles)
Battery capacity: 537 Watts (22.4Volt, 32 Ah)
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This power station is quite suitable to charge devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, tv-sets, cookers, food heaters, lights, coolers, pumps, drones.

Because the maximum output is 700 watts (via built-in inverter), appliances rating over 700 watts can not be charged with this power station.

12 output options for charging your devices:
- 4 x AC (pure sine wave):   110Volt (Rated 700 Watts (1400W Surge)
- Car Port:   12V / 10A , max.120W
- 2 x DC Port:   12V / 10A, 5.5mm x 2.1mm
- 4 x USB-A Port:   5V / 3A
- USB-C Port:   5V, 3A / 9V, 3A /12V, 3A / 15V, 3A / 20V, 3A / 20V, 5A (max. 100W)
- Wireless Charging Pad: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W

Options for recharging the power station:
- Solar panel:   max.200W. Requires a solar panel with Open Circiut Voltage(OCV) of 12V - 28V, and MC4 connector
- AC wall outlet or generator: 200W
- AC + Solar panel combination: 400W max,
- Car Port:   12V / 24V,
- Generator.

Built-in BMS and MPPT controller: Yes
Lifecycles: 2500+
LCD Display: Yes
Power Station Size: 10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 inches
Power Station Weight: 16.5 lbs / 7.5 kg.

Comes with solar charging cable (MC4 to XT60-F), 200W AC adapter and charging cable, car charging cable (car to XT60-F), instruction manual.

Warranty: 2 years,
Price indic.: $500
The power station color you can choose is Sapphire Blue, Steel Grey, or Vibrant Orange.

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Video presentation:

Bluetti EB55 review and test video:

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Questions about the Bluetti EB55 portable power station.

Can Bluetti EB55 charge/power all my devices?
Devices that have a wattage of 700W or more can not by charged with this power generator.
Mind that devices/appliances with an engine could have a high surge wattage..

How long can the Bluetti EB55 power my various devices?
A device of:
1W, can be powered about 500 hours,
10W, can be powered about 50 hours,
100W, can be powered about 5 hours,
200W, can be powered about 2.5 hours,
250W, can be powered about 2 hours,
375W, can be powered about 1.3 hours,
500W, can be powered about 1 hour,
600W, can be powered about 50 minutes,
700W, can be powered about 45 minutes.

Can the Bluetti EB55 be used as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)?
No, this power station is not suitable to function as a UPC backup.

There's a comparison of this Bluetti EB55, and the portable power stations Anker 535, and Itehil IT500