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Anker 757 PowerHouse

Anker 757 PowerHouse   Other Brand 
Capacity: 1229Wh 1002Wh
AC Power: 1500W 1000W
Battery Charge 
3000+ 500+
AC Recharge 1 hour 5.5 hours
Warranty: 5 years 2 years
AC ports: 6 3
USB-A ports: 4 2

With this comparison, the Anker company introduced their brand new powerhouse 757 featuring a capacity of 1229Wh, many, many charge cycles, and fast AC recharging.
You can benefit from 50,000 hours of electronic life, the company states.

Other features of the new PowerHouse 757:
- USB-C port: 100W max,
- AC ports: 1500W max, (surge: 2400W)
- AC Input: 1000W,
- USB-A ports: 12W each,
- Car port: 120W max,
- Power-saving mode to extend standby time and to minimizing battery damage,
- Display,
- Built-in LED light bar,
- Aluminum frame for high corrosion resistance, anti-vibration, and temperature resistance,
- Dual-Grip design for easy handling.

Power Output:
For example, a 10W smartphone: 97 times, A 40W drone: 24 times, a 58W laptop: 16 times, a 35W fan for 28 hours, a 45W portable fridge for 22 hours, and a 1150W electric grill for 48 minutes.

Solar power recharge:
from 0% to 80% in 3.6 hours,
(using three solar panels with 300W max).
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Home Backup Power.
Continuous power with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS),
For example, a 12W light stays on for 82 hours, a 360W fridge for 2.7 hours, a 40W CPAP for 24 hours, a 1000W coffee maker for 1 hour, a 700W microwave for 1.4 hours, and a 110W TV for 9 hours.

Weight: 43.9 lbs, (19.9 kg),
Size: 18.2 x 11.3 x 9.3 inches, (463 x 288 x 237 mm), Price indic.: $1,400

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Anker 535 Powerhouse, capacity 512Wh and equipped with an LFP - LiFePO4 battery.
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