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Info on the New Ring Access Controller Pro

Ring Access Controller Pro

What is Ring Access Controller Pro?
Smart home security product manufacturer Ring launched the new Access Controller Pro.
It is a smart home device that works with an already existing electrical access control system.
Whether you are at home or on the go, you can unlock your door or gate for visitors or service people, via an app on your phone, such as Key by Amazon app or Ring App.

Key by Amazon app.
The Key by Amazon app enables you to receive in-gate deliveries from Amazon, so the packages are then out of sight.
Drivers - screened by Amazon - receive one-time access to your security gate on delivery day.
If you have a Ring video doorbell or camera, you can - instead of the Amazon app. - use the Ring app to remotely unlock your gate through the Ring home screen, or Live View via a Ring Video Doorbell or camera.

For the Ring Video Doorbell, see the Amazon ad link Here for information, reviews and pricing, or here for the camera.

|Schema Ring Access Controller Pro

The cellular and ethernet functionality has been integrated into one device and named the Pro 2.

If you want to connect the controller by wire with your existing home network, you can use an RJ45 ethernet cable (ethernet cable doesn't come with the controller).

For the Ring Access Controller Pro 2, see the Amazon ad link here for more information, reviews and pricing.

Questions you might have.

For whom is the Ring Access Controller Pro quite suitable?
- People with personal gated access to their home.
- People living in an apartment building.

Is my home ready for the Ring Access Controller Pro?
If there's an electrical access control system that can be triggered via a relay to grant door or gate access, you can use the Ring Access Controller Pro to grant Key for Gate access and using the Key by Amazon app.

Can I use the Ring App?
You can use the Ring App if you have a Ring doorbell or camera.

What you get.
The product comes with USB Adapter, USB Cable, 10 pin screw type plug-in connector, 4 Cable Labels, User Manual, and Installation Guide

For the Ring Access Controller Pro - Cellular or Ethernet model - see the Amazon ad link Here for more information, reviews and pricing.

You can also choose the Ethernet model kit with Stick Up Cam Elite, or Video Doorbell Elite.


Ring Access Controller Pro installation.
It is advised to have an electrician install the device unless you're good at wiring.
For the installation instructions, including wiring diagram, you can find Ring Access Controller Pro manual here, but the instructions also come with the product.
The device should be mounted inside or in a waterproof-box outside, and make sure there's enough distance to metal surfaces.