Information on MetroPCS bill pay online, by phone or other option

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Maybe you might wonder how to pay for your MetroPCS bill online, with your phone or otherwise or as some say: MetroPCSPayMyBill Online.
Well you might start with receiving a so-called 'automatic text message notice'. You can also have a statement on paper or receive an electronic bill with the details of all their local calls. However in both situations you'll have to pay a small amount per month for their bill pay service.

- MyMetro
- Restore/Keep
- Pay-Options
- Locations
- Cellular-Savings

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Then, to pay my Metro PCS bill there's the 'myMetro feature' allowing you to view and pay your bill from your phone. With this feature which is free, you can view your account information, check your wireless bill charges and due date, know your MetroConnect balance. WIth it you can download ringtones and buy other services for your cell phone.
Another option is to choose the phone rate plan that suits you best. You can alter your phone plan right from your phone, pay for it and you can add features directly from your phone screen.

You get the myMetro feature as part of your Metro PCS pay bill online service. Your should check your service that it is there.

Examples of supported phones are:

Alcatel Onetouch FIERCE XL, Alcatel Onetouch EVOLVE 2, Alcatel FIERCE> HTC Desire 626s - White Birch, HTC Desire 626s - Gray Lava,

Huawei Ascend, M228, M735 and M750 phones,

Kyocera Hydro WAVE, Kyocera Domino and Purple, Kyocera K312P, Laylo, Mako 54000, Kyocera Melo and Blue, Kyocera Neo and Torino phones,

LG G Stylo, LG Leon LTE, LG HELiX, Imprint, Lyric, Optimus F60, LG 450 Optimus M and Select phones,

Microsoft Lumia 640,

MOTORAZR™ V3s, Hint, QUANTICO™, RAZR V3s Combo, MOTO™ VE240, VE440 and Limited Edition phones,

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, Samsung Galaxy S 6 - Gold, Samsung Galaxy S 6, Samsung Galaxy Avant, Samsung Byline, Caliber™, Contour, Finesse, Freeform, Freeform II, Messager II, Messager III, Stunt, and Tint phones.
ZTE Obsidian, ZRE Agent, ZTE ZMAX, C78, C79, and Essenze phones, plus the Nokia 1006.

If myMetro isn't on the phone, you need to download the app (application) through the @metro feature.

In order to use mymetro you have to dial 611 or select the @metro feature, and then click the app icon. You can the use myMetro as described earlier.

More on making a MetroPCS payment at

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Restoring or keeping your service

If lack of payment caused suspension of the service, you are able to fix it by making an online payment or you can call Metro PCS with *99 from your phone. You can also pay at an Authorized Payment Center or at a store of this carrier.
A disconnected service can be restored by calling *228 from your phone (MetroPCS) or by using the online 'ACTIVATE' button. The consequence of a disconnected service is that you get a new phone number.

Pay my phone bill options:

Auto Pay

AutoPay is the easiest way to pay your MetroPCS bill because it allows an automatic debit to be made each month to a debit/credit card or checking account. AutoPay is a payment method available in eWallet(see further down) in My Metro Account.

Automatic Deduction, Set up AutoPay by contacting Customer Care. Dial *611 from your MetroPCS phone or 1.888.863.8768. No transaction costs.
Take funds from the payment card on record 5 days before the due date. Also see 'Paying by eWallet' further down.

Payment online

Make payment online through "Pay Your Bill" link (Metro PCS online bill pay)
This payment option is called 'Express Pay' - Payment applied within 2 hours. No transaction costs. You can use it to pay for monthly service and/or add funds to your MetroConnectSM Account.
Suggestion: when having trouble to connect their website, if this happens to you then try another browser.

For online bill payments you can use your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). You can also use your ATM debit card (NYCE, Pulse, ACCEL or Star), carrier's payment card, as mentioned above, or through ACH / electronic check payments. Usually, payments are transfered to your MetroPCS account within 2 hours.
Record the text message that you receive after you made a payment, as it contains the confirmation number. If you have a question about the payment, you need that number.

More on making a MetroPCS payment at

Paying by eWallet

A safe place to store your card and/or bank data, needed to pay for your Metro PCS services. You can create your eWallet by logging into 'My Account'.
Then you can use it for one-time payments or AutoPay, to set up monthly payments, so you don't have to enter your info each month.
You can manage it via your computer or via your smartphone.


MetroPCS PAYNOW is a save way to pay your monthly bill by responding to a text message from MetroPCS.
Required is a credit card or debit card registered with MetroPCS' eWallet service.

Pay with BillFloat

With a bank account you can apply for the BillFloat service.
Your phone bills get paid through BillFloat and you pay them up to 30 days later, so you'll gain more time. Mind though that you pay interest and a fee for the BillFloat service.

Metro PCS Pay Bill By Phone

Call: *99    on your MetroPCS phone.
Price per transaction is $2.00 for wireless service, adding funds to MetroConnectSM is free. Payment applied within 2 hours.

MetroPCS Pay Bill By Phone
Call Customer Service phone number: 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768) from a non-MetroPCS phone. - Price per transaction is $3.00
Payment applied within 2 hours.

Metro PCS Pay Bill By Phone
You can also use the MyMetro app to make payments with your debit or credit card.

By Mail

MetroPCS does accept checks.
Mail payments to: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197- 5119 Payment applied within 7-10 days. No transaction costs.
To avoid errors you might as well write your service account number on your check.

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Metro PCS Payment Locations / centers - payment address

For nearest payment center, see Metro PCS store locations with store locator.

Over the counter - Price per transaction is $3.00
Payment applied within 2 hours.

Payment Location
Payment Machine - Price per transaction is $2.00
Payment applied within 2 hours.

Payment Location
Drop Box in the Metro PCS Payment Stores (not available to all locations), No transaction costs.
Payment applied within 48 hours.

Payment Location
Authorized Payment Center - Price per transaction is $3.00.
Payment applied within 2 hours.

Payment Location
Western Union - Price per transaction is $3.50.

Cellular Savings

Keep an eye on your phone costs.

When for example, you're up to do a phone bill payment, you might look for decreasing those costs in the future. You might start reading the fine print in your phone plan description while considering what would fit your situation or your family best. For example may be a plan with less voice minutes suits you better. A help for knowing how many voice minutes you need, is to look your monthly bills to determine how many voice minutes there were on a monthly basis.
To avoid going over your monthly voice minutes you can do a quick check now and then, You can check that via a number from your carrier.

Pay in time.

Some people wonder when Metro pcs cut their phone if you have not paid.
Well, the company may cut - temporarily suspend - your line in 1 or 2 days, after you had to pay your bill. But you may still receive text messages, which you however can't reply.
Probably after 30 days when you have not paid, your account will be canceled and your phone number will be lost.
So, to avoid cut off, do pay the phone bill by your due date.

Paying in advance.

You can also MetrPCSpaybill in advance as much as you want. You can view your credit balance to see how much is left until making another payment. When credit runs out, you will receive a text message that payment is due.

When lending/leasing to buy a phone

Be sure to ask and read the terms of a lease before you purchase a phone.
It prevents you from unpleasant surprises later on.

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