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Pay By Phone in Miami Info

by Sybren Bakker

What is Pay By Phone?
Pay By Phone Miami is paying for parking in the Miami, Fl area, with the use of your smartphone. There's a small surcharge when using PayByPhone.

Three phone payment options:

- Download PayByPhone's free app, for Apple/iPhone, Android, and older Blackberry devices.

- use the mobile website ( for Windows Phones and Blackberry Z10 If you bookmark and save it as an icon to your phone's background, you can use it as you would using any of the PayByPhone apps.

- or call the number on the meter from any phone.

Pay By Phone In order to pay for parking with your phone you need to register with your mobile phone number, email address and credit card (number will be secured by encryption), at PayByPhone - You can also add more than one vehicle.
This registration is free, but there's a surcharge when actually paying for parking this way.

Download the app.
After you've registered you can download the free app to your phone.

When you've parked your car.
Click on the PayByPhone app on your phone, enter the location number and select the time duration you want to park. There's no minimum number of minutes.

After leaving your car.
Before the parking time has expired, you can extend the parking time by selecting the "extend" feature of the app on your phone, or call 1-866-234-7275 (PARK).
When your parking time is about to expire the app will alert you via text message. You can then also extend the parking time if you wish.
Don't worry about enforcements officers. They are electronically informed of your parking status.

Where in Miami to park by phone?
Parking rates - posted on the signs - are the same throughout the City of Miami. Besides Miami, you can also use PayByPhone in Coral Gables and South Miami. Look for the signs with the Miami Parking Authority name, location number and Pay By phone guidelines.
For Miami Beach, see further below.

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Payment receipt.
You can obtain a parking receipt by going to, log in and you'll be able to see the account history of all transactions; select the date and you can print the receipt. You can even access your receipts through email.

Pay By Phone video:

PayByPhone is available across North America and Europe in over 180 cities including London, Miami, Vancouver, Newcastle, San Francisco and Paris. Over three million people have signed up to use the PayByPhone service, says the company.

Of course, besides paying for parking by phone, there are still the other payment options in Miami City:
- Direct Debit from bank account
- Direct Debit from credit card
- Pay & Display Machines
- Key card
- Promissory note
- Pay by Plate

And the next thing in the near future? will probably be contectless payments via your smartphone, at least if it is equipped with NFC - Near Field Communications -. Initiated among others by phone carriers AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, deploying their new service Softcard, earlier known as Isis.

Finding a parking spot.
To find and reserve a parking spot in Miami and Miami Beach, you could go to Parkme, register and and use their app.

Miami Beach
Parkmobile Parking payment options in Miami Beach are about the same as in Miami city. Only the phone payment operator is different. In Miami Beach you'll pay via Parkmobile states that besides Miami Beach and 12 other cities in Florida, they operate in more than 500 locations across the U.S..

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