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Nationwide Metro PCS Upgrade in Speed and Flat Rate Popularity

by Sybren Bakker

Info on Metro PCS

Metro PCS Upgrade

This was/is all about upgrading from Metro PCS' 3G CDMA network to the faster GSM-based nationwide network - see coverage further down - which in fact is T-Mobile's network. This operation involved, that customers who bought their phone before the Metro PCS T Mobile merger, were offered by the carrier to replace/trade-in their phones for HSPA+ / LTE compatible phones at little or no cost.

What may contribute to their success is their no-contract flat rate - prepaid - per month wireless service which you can cancel anytime without paying a fee or other charge.

- You get unlimited text, talk and data at high speed up to 4G LTE when you pay the rate of $60.

- For a cheaper rate $40 the data consumption is still unlimited but after the first 1 GB of data (or 500MB for CDMA devices) the speed is less.

- And lesser speed with the middle rate $50 (upgrade) plan, starts after 3 GB of data (or 2.5GB for CDMA devices).

With more family members each gets $5 off.
A $10 MetroPCS SIM card is needed to use the service.

The carrier is expanding operations in cities such as Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO, Chattanooga, TN, St. Louis, MO, Salt Lake City, UT, Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick, WA, Richmond-Petersburg, VA, Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, VA.
Nationwide network coverage.

You can choose from a nice collection of cell- and smartphones such as - at the time of writing Sept 25, 2014 - Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Gold, S4, and Mega, LG Optimus F6, L70 and 450, ZTE Concord II and Aspect, ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Evolve and 768, Kyocera Hydro LIFE,
But besides MetroPCSphones you can also use another phone brand or model which is unlocked. For unlocking information see this page further down.
To look for a shop location, you can check here the nearest Metro PCS store.

MetroPCS LG Optimus L70 Smartphone Metro PCS LG
Around May 1, 2014 MetroPCS launched a new and really inexpensive 4G smartphone, the LG Optimus L70. The phone features a 4.5-inch display, a 5 Mega pixes camera, 1.2 GHz dual-core precessor and a long lasting battery.


ZTE ZMAX phablet ZTE ZMAX phablet
Another device that's upcoming is the ZMAX phablet from ZTE. This brand new phablet is equipped with a 5.7-inch display, 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, Android® (KitKat 4.4), supporting LTE, WiFi and features 16GB storage. The ZMAX will become available probably autumn 2014, priced around $250.
But is already available from September 24, 2014 at T-Mobile.

Metro PCS Rebates and Rebate Tracker

First be sure the new phone you bought at a MetroPCS store or as a qualified online purchase, is allowed a rebate. Then look at the Metro PCS site for a rebate submission form and follow the guidelines there and then mail the form, a copy of the UPC/MEID/IMEI label, and receipt or start of service request forms, to the appropriate address.

The label should be complete with bar code, product SKU and MEID/IMEI numbers.
Be sure to keep copies of all the document and to send them in prior to the last postmark date stated on the form.

For the Metro PCS rebate tracker go here, and enter there your tracking number, your name, address and phone number.
Mind that due to processing of your request, it may take four weeks before the status shows up.
And then it may take quite some time before you finally receive your rebate. So try practicing patience if you wait for the rebate.

As stated on the MetroPCS site, their rebate customer service phone number is 1-800-999-6389 (Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Central Time.)

iPhone for your Metro PCS account

iPhone 5s Smartphone In case you want an iPhone with your Metro PCS subscription you need to have some patience. Already since Spring 2014 there's talk about T-Mobile/MetroPCS adding iPhone to their lineup.

But if you have an unlocked iPhone and purchase a SIM card at a MetroPCS store, subscribe to one of their plans, you then can use your iPhone on the MetroPCS-T-Mobile network.
iPhones from TMobile and AT&T, and the iPhone 5 from Verizon and Sprint will work on the MetroPCS network.

Unlocking - no matter what phone you have - means that you need permission from you present phone service provider. After checking contract and balance they'll send you codes and instructions to unlock your phone.
Be sure to back up certain data, as they it will be deleted in the unlock process.

Unlock Metro PCS Phone requirements

If you wonder how to unlock a Metro PCS phone, then read on. To unlock your Metro PCS phone, you need an unlock code - which is free - from the carrier, so you have to contact their customer service or visit a MetroPCS store and request the unlock code for the phone.
You must provide:
- The phone number of the handset you are unlocking
- The name on the account
- The account billing PIN
- A valid email address

MetroPCS will verify whether your phone qualifies for the unlock code. When it qualifies, they will create the request for the unlock code, which usually takes 2 or 3 business days, MetroPCS will then send you a confirmation email with the unlock code of the phone.

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This page is for informational purposes only and has no ties whatsoever with the MetroPCS company.

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