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Extending Mobile Device Battery Life And Recharging

Extending Mobile Device Battery Life And Recharging

Information here is for most parts also applicable on other brand mobile devices.

About iPhone 5 and iPad battery life

We all know how frustrating it can be that our device battery runs down at not foreseen moments, And certainly this is the case when we actually don't have time to wait for the battery to recharge.

First of all a warning: when you recharge the battery then don't use your device.

Preserve battery power

To save on battery power consumption you can turn off features on you iPhone or iPad that you don't use but do consume battery power.
What makes a battery discharge rather quickly, or how to prevent the battery from recharging too often.

- If you don't use GPS, Bluetooth, Siri, cellular mode or Wi-Fi mode, then switch them off.

- Because of the nature of GPS and Location Services, these are high battery power consumers.

You can disable them completely or partly by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

- Wallpapers and Brightness - Avoid dynamic wallpapers and go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness to adjust screen brightness.

- As automatic 'Background App Refresh' consumes quite a bit of battery power you might de-activate this option by turning it off in 'Settings' > General > Background App Refresh.

- iPhone's Control Center and Notification Center on the Lock screen can be disabled as they too consume battery power. Go to 'Settings' to disable them.

- You can also save battery energy by de-activating 'Push Notifications' in Settings > Notification Center.

- Spotlight Search can also be de-activated if you don't use it. Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search

If you take these described measures there's less need to charge the battery often.

Faster recharging when in a hurry

Here's what you can do when you need battery power quickly.

- Some people use a 12 Watt power adapter - for example the one for iPad - instead of the 5 Watt adapter that comes with the iPhone.
However not everyone agrees with that. You should verify in your manual if the battery can be charged with a higher wattage charger.

- Using a spare battery or a portable charger. Advantage of a portable charger is that you can also use it for future models.

- Because power consuming features will slowdown the battery charging process you better switch off your mobile device or set it to 'Airplane mode'.

- In general, charging your device battery goes faster via a wall-charger than using a USB port on a computer.

Faster Recharging Issues

For many mobile device users, battery life is an important factor. Battery life of your smartphone or tablet also depends on how many features you use. And in these days with the high tech screens and other sophisticated features it can take some time - sometimes or often it may take hours - to fully recharge the battery.

Limits for fast charging of a mobile device battery

One of the reasons for the long battery charge duration lies in the fact that more powerful charging (faster charging) may have side effects such as reduced battery lifespan, and exposing the battery to heat during the charging process. In worst case this could lead to explosion of the battery. And that's something we would to avoid when recharging our battery, isn't it.

It is also believed that slower charging at a lower ampere rate, is better for the lithium-ion (LiON) rechargeable batteries as it may lengthen battery life. Ampere is indicated as A, Amp or SI Ampere.

Developments in fast mobile device battery charging

How pleasant would it be of recharge-time could be much shorter than what is usual today. Well, now there are technical developments that make it possible to far quicker recharge a battery than at present.
These developments may also make it possible to have a fast recharger for multiple battery types. I understand that it will not be on the market this year. So, for now we still have to use the regular battery charger.

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