How to Grind, Cut and Finish Metal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Grind, Cut and Finish Metal - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What grinding wheels/discs last longer?
Grinding wheels last longer than flap discs, which last longer than resin fiber discs.

What is a grinding wheel?
A grinding wheel provides the roughest surface finish. For the application to achieve greatest output, you can choose from a variety of grains and grades.

What is a flap disc?
With a flap fisc you can grind and finish in one step, so it saves time when surface finish is important, as you don't have to use two separate discs.

What is a resin fiber disc?
A resin fiber disc has an aggressively coated abrasive surface, has a fast material removal rate and usually cost less than other grinding discs/wheels. But its durability is also shorter.

How to grind metal?
- Have the grinder tool reach full speed before touching the tool to the work surface.
- Don't apply much pressure to the work surface, and allow the tool to grind at high speed. Grinding rate is greatest when the tool operates at high speed.
- Maintain a 10┬░ to 15┬░ angle between the tool and work surface.
- Continuously move the grinder tool to avoid creating gouges in the work surface.
- Remove the grinder tool from work surface before turning tool off. Allow the tool to stop rotating before laying it down.
- For your own safety, always be sure to have a wheel guard in place.

How to start metal grinding with a new wheel?
When you grind with a new wheel be sure to grind while pulling tool backwards until the wheel becomes rounded on its edge.
New wheels have sharp edges which tend to cut into the work piece when pushed forward.

What is the recommended use of a disc grinding wheel?
It is advised to use a disc grinding wheel for fast grinding of structural steel, heavy weld beads, steel casting, stainless steel and other ferrous metals.

How do I cut metal?
- Have the cutting tool at full speed before it touches the work surface.
- Have the sparks directed away from you.
- Don't put too much pressure to the work surface. Let the tool do its work at high speed.
- To avoid bursting of the wheel, don't osciliate or tilt the cutting tool and don't put side pressure on the curring disc.
- Remove the cutting tool from the work surface before turning it off.
- Always use a wheel guard when using a cutting wheel.
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