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The New Netgear Wax214 and Wax218 WiFi 6 Access Points

Netgear Wax214 and Wax218 WiFi 6 Access Points

The new Wax214 and Wax218 WiFi 6 access points feature:
- Improved wireless network performance and security,
- High performance and expanded coverage with WiFi 6 (802.11ax), 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz,(dual band)

- Solves problems such as:
    - spotty connectivity,
    - congestion due to limited bandwidth,
    - dropped connections,
    - low speed,
    - complex installation,
    - lack of security.

- Allow you to establish up to 4 separate wireless sub-networks each with separate dedicated channels (SSID) for exmaple if there's the need to separate business or work traffic from the network traffic associated with children when working from home.

- Supports WPA3 authentication and encryption,
- Supports DHCP NAT server for enhanced firewall security,
- Option to be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE)* using a single cable for both power and data,
- Mounting: easily mounted on a wall, on the ceiling or even placed on a tabletop,
- Warranty: 3-year on hardware, and and 90 days of phone and chat support for when you need a helping hand.

WiFi 6 vs WiFi 5 - WiFi 6 delivers 40% more speed,
- WiFi 6 supports four times more concurrent devices

Wax214 Wax218
Speed up to 1.8Gbps (AX1800) up to 3.6Gbps (AX3600)
Ethernet Port   One 1GbE port One 2.5GbE port
6.33" x 6.33" × 1.31"
(160.9 × 160.9 x 33.28 mm) 
8.11" x 8.11" x 1.37"
(205.73 x 205.73 x 34.75 mm) 
Weight 0.84lb (380g) 1.737lb (788g)

For more information and pricing - there's also the power adapter option -, see the Amazon ad links Here for the Wax214 WiFi Access Point.

and Here for the Wax218 WiFi Access Point.

* Power over Ethernet (PoE)
See the Cisco site here.
for Advantages and Disadvantages, you might want to read the information here at Quora.

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