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Router EA6900 Smart Wi-Fi AC1900 by Linksys

Linksys EA6900 Smart Wi-Fi AC1900 Router

With this device you've got one of the fastest 802.11 AC wireless routers.
It transfers files and data at speeds up to 600 Mbps to Wireless-N clients and to Wireless-AC clients it's speed is up to 1300 Mbps, enabled by the latest 802.11ac and beamforming technology.
This router has Linksys Smart Wi-Fi functionality for convenient install and control.

Rating: Fair.

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Linksys EA6900 back panel   Linksys EA6900 with WPS enabled devices





Back panel view

The EA6900 is equipped with:
3 Antennes,
4 Ethernet ports,
an Internet port,
2 USB ports,
a Reset button
a WPS button




As said, this router is 802.11AC, so if you're interested then do mind that you get the most out of it when you other devices also use the 802.11AC standard.
It certainly is a good choice if you're looking for a router that is easy to manage.

Another matter to memorize here is range difference between 2.4GHz en 5GHz. In a house with more floors to reach, the 2.4GHz bandwidth will usually give a better signal reception then the 5GHz. bandwidth, because the latter has more difficulty to pass floors and walls.

Talking about signal reception, it also depends on the kind of antenna-receiver you've got in your devices. For example a laptop does better on a longer distance than a smartphone does. Usually laptops have better antennas then those in smartphones.

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