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PowerDesk Pro 9

PowerDesk Pro 9 is for computers equipped with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
Powerdesk is a simple, fast and fun way to organize and manage files, digital photos, MP3 music files and web images on your computer.

Avanquest Software, the creator of this desktop tool, claims that it is convenient and it saves time. In just one, two or three clicks, you can customize your computer: move, copy, zip, label, color code, search, view, prioritize, convert, and use your files the way you want to use them.

For this Powerdesk software, see Avanquest Here, and go to PC Utilities and then Disk Management Software.


It is the easy, fast and expert way to organize and manage the files, digital photos, MP3s and web images on your PC. With far more features and functions than the standard Windows file manager or other file management tools, this software package gives you the tools to search, edit, track, delete, copy, move, sort, zip, label, view, convert and more.

And also featuring:
- Improved File Finder
- Multi-Pane File Viewer
- NEW! Temp & Junk File Remover
- NEW! Browser & Surfing Activity Cleaner
- NEW! Duplicate File Remover
- NEW! Large Files Identifier
- NEW! Windows 8 Compatibility

What customers say:
"Great file management features, and the file manager does more than I expected."

"Transfer files between storage devices on your computer and over the Internet easily. Good compression software too."

"File management with this product is straight forward and easy to use."

"I have successfully loaded it on my computer, running Vista, and it appears to work great. This really is quite a powerful application for the money."

Avanquest Software is a developer and publisher of consumer software and business solutions since 20 years and has customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.
For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

PowerDesk® Pro 9 is far more than a file manager and includes 6 Utilities: FTP, Sync Manager, Size Manager™, Dialog Helper, Archive Manager, File Finder.
These features allow you to have dual pane operation, use layout manager, add notes to your files, customize your file folders with color, other features are: file info column, MP3 collection management, file viewer. Powerdesk also has a 'destroy' function, which overwrites all the files you want to remove.

Image Preview Toolbar - When viewing, use the Image Preview Toolbar to zoom in, zoom out, fit to window or original size, see previous image or next image, rotate and more.
Image Thumbnail View - "Preview Now" utility automatically fits the image to your Window size.
Improved Zip Functionality- View interior file content, and add or edit compressed files without having to unzip the file first.
Batch Processes - File Rename & Graphic File Conversion - Execute batch processing for file renaming or graphic file conversion.
Color Code Files Types - For easy identification, custom color code folder names, system files, image types and more.
Hard Drive Indexing - Find files faster and easier by indexing your hard drive to improve search performance.
Find Emails and Attachments - Search and scan email inbox and subfolders to quickly find email messages and file attachments.
View File Properties - The File Viewer now includes the ability to view the properties of any file in additional to previewing it.
Windows 7 Library Support - Add, delete and navigate files and folders in Windows 7 libraries.
Secure FTP Support - PowerDesk now supports FTPS, the FTP security extension that supports TLS and SSL protocols.

For this Powerdesk software, see Avanquest Here, and go to PC Utilities and then Disk Management Software.


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