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Vodafone India Bill Payment Info

Vodafone India bill payment options.
There are quite a few payment options for your Vodafone India phone bill. You can choose from cash, cheque, credit card, electronic clearing system, My Vodafone and self service kiosk for paying your phone bill.


By Credit Card.
By paying with your credit card you don't have to remember when your phone bill is due. When you fill in a Pay by Card enrollment form, Vodafone automatically charges your credit card every 14th day of the month, for the bill amount.
On the other hand, if you want to manage things yourself, you can go to a Vodafone Store and pay there with your credit card.

Paying Online.
You can go to the website, and click there: 'Manage your account' in the 'My Vodafone section.
Then select your region, so you can enter your account online. Then login or click 'New User'
When you are a new user, you have to enter your Vodafone phone number, your user name, answer a 'secret' question, enter the verification code and push 'Enter'.
Then a popup window appears, asking you to call 111 to complete your registration. When that's done you are able to pay online.

Paying by IVR.
It looks a bit like above but instead of going to an online form, you call 111. Then you can pay your phone bill with your credit card. That's an easy way too.


At self service kiosks and payment centres.
You can pay your phone bill at the self service kiosks or payment centres of Vodafone that are situated in a Vodafone store, a shopping mall or multiplex. There you can also do several things such as viewing old phone bills, activate a service, de-activate one or recharge your Vodafone Prepaid.
Locations to pay with cash, cheque or credit card.
Vodafone Stores.Vodafone Stores.

Via Vodafone Quick Bill Pay.
Also called Vodafone India quick bill pay. This one is real easy. You go to the bill desk website, enter your 10 digit Vodafone Postpaid mobile number, choose a payment option and get the confirmation. That's it. No need to login somewhere or to use a password. You just state the phone number you're paying for.
online bill desk.
In case you want to know your Vodafone account data, you dial *111# or sms BILL to 111 (no charge)

We also plan to have Vodafone reviews here, a facility to post comment and to view a video.

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Vodafone India Bill Payment Info.


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