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Vodafone Bill Payment Online

Vodafone bill payment online options
Maybe you might wonder how to pay your Vodafone bill online, with your phone or otherwise. Well, there are various ways you can that, such as Vodafone bill pay online or by direct debit, by BACS, by credit card or debit card, via a bank or through the mail.


Paying online.
When you want to pay online, you have to go to your account at Vodafone, by logging in at 'My account' and then choose 'Make one off payments by card'. You can then follow the instructions there. This payment option involves an administration fee. In your account you can choose to be notified that your online bill is ready via a monthly email or a text message.
You will not get a paper bill, but if you wish you can print it out when you're in 'My account'.

In case you haven't yet a 'My account' you can sign up for one by selecting the 'Register' link (under 'My account') and complete the form there. For those that are mobile broadband users, Vodafone has help info on how to register from a data card, stick or dongle.

By Direct Debit.
Maybe you know it or not but one of the easiest ways to pay your Vodafone bill is Direct Debit. You authorize Vodafone to automatically charge your bank account for the amount of the phone bill. To set up such a payment option you can contact Vodafone's customer service, I believe it is on 191 from you phone or from a landline try 08700 700191. This Direct Debit payment option is free. Mind that Vodafone charges a fee when you prefer another payment option.

Via your debit or credit card.
Another way to pay for your phone bill is to use your credit card or debit card. You do this by calling 191 from your phone. You will be asked to give details from your card.

By your bank.
You can also pay via your bank by cash or cheque, which should be payable to Vodafone Limited. Write your bankaccount number on the back.

By mail.
Payments to Vodafone can also be made through the mail. Take the Giro slip from your bill and a cheque that is payable to Vodafone Limited, write your account number on the back and send it to Vodafone Limited. PO Box 932, Doncaster, DN4 5XW. You should send it in 7 days before the payment date.

Another way to pay is via BACS, which is an electronic transactions system in the U.K.. Although it is electronic, payment processing takes 3 days, which is rather long, but maybe it's getting faster now. For this payment option you need Vodafone's sort code: 20-00-00 and their account number: 30830208. BACS stands for Bankers' Automated Clearing Services. When you by BACS then don't forget to state your name and account number af a reference.

Having trouble to pay your phone bill?
To prevent Vodafone from blocking your phone, you might talk to Vodafone to work out a plan to do your payments. Do contact the credit control team at Vodafone's customer service. See the bill for their phone number.


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