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Verizon Bill Pay Options

Auto Pay.
Paying for your phone bill can be done in several ways. One of the options you can use to pay for your Verizon bill is 'Auto Pay'. It means that automatically payments are made / charged from the credit card or debit card you own. Those payments can be done on a certain day each month or when the amount you owe reaches a certain level.


If you choose to pay on a certain day each month the minimum amount is $15 and the maximum is $250. In case you've run out of phone minutes you can do an extra payment to add more money to your account.
To set up 'Auto Pay' you need to register for 'My Verizon' and select there 'Automatic Pay Options' for further instructions.
After you've registered for 'My Verizon' you can also view and check your bill online.
On the payment options screen on check out is a checkbox for the 'bill to account' option and choice options to do payments by credit card, debit card or even gift card. To use a Verizon Wireless gift card you need to select that card as the payment option and then click 'Next' to complete this one-time payment.
Bill to your account.
If you are the account owner of 'My Verizon' for six months or more, you can bill a purchase to your account, like accessories, a new line service or when you buy upgrades.

How you can pay My Verizon bill online.
Sign in to My Verizon and go to the 'Payments' page. Enter the amount - you want to pay - in the 'Payment Amount' field. Chose a way to pay and click 'Next'. Add required information and check the box indicating you agree with the Terms and Conditions. After clicking the 'Submit' your're done.

Pay by credit card or debit card.
As indicated above you can register or login at 'My Verizon' then go to the 'Payments' page and enter the amount you're gonna pay in the 'Payment Amount' field, then choose a payment method there - pay by credit card or debit card - and click 'Next', then there's some more information to enter and finally you can click 'Submit'.

Verizon bill pay phone number.
Another option is Verizon bill pay phone number, dialing 611 from your VerizonWireless phone or (888) 294-6804 from another phone.

Verizon bill pay locations such as bill payment Kiosks, with cash, debit- or credit card.
You can also pay at the Bill Payment Kiosks situated in the Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and pay there in cash, by debit card or credit card.

Authorized Verizon Wireless payment center.
There's also an option to pay at retail locations at an authorized Verizon Wireless payment center.


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