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Charter Bill Pay Options

Like other phone and internet and tv service providers you can pay your Charter bill with your credit card or debit card, in person at their communications locations, or by mail.

Charter serves in Tennessee, New England,Alabama, Georgia, Central States, Carolinas, Texas, Northwest, California, Wisconsin, Michigan Minnesota, Nebraska and elsewhere.

Pay charter bill online.
Charter online bill pay can be done at Charter's website by setting up a My Account. You can then make a payment each month or set up a recurring (Auto Pay) payment. In both cases you can use your checking/saving account or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa). There is no additional charge for Charterpaybill this way.
Another way to handle Charter bill pay online is through online banking. At the website of your bank you do the payment to Charter - may be your bank also has a feature for automatic payments. See you Charter bill for entering your account number. There are no Charter costs when paying this way. It is advised to print your online bank confirmation and retain it until you see the payment on your bill.

Pay charter bill by phone.
By dialing 1-888-438-2427 you can use Charter's free-to-use automated phone system - follow the prompts - to make your payment using your debit card or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa), or checking or savings account.
If you want assistance you can make a payment through one of their customer service agents. This Charter communications bill pay option costs you $1.99 per transaction.

Charter pay bill in person.
By going to one of Charter's Sales & Service Centers you can pay your bill using not only your debit card, credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa), checking/savings account, but also using cash or money order. There's no payment fee.
There are also third party payment agents where you can make a payment.
Another payment option is by going to a Western Union Payment Center. It is advised to use there the so-called 'Convenience Pay'. You will be charged with a fee when paying through Western Union.
Charter payment Schnucks.
When you live in Illinois (IL) or Missouri (MO) you can go to a Schnucks Supermarket to make a payment, but mind that you can only pay in cash or with a check; thus no credit cards. The payment fee for this Schnucks service is $2.00 .

Charter communications pay bill by mail.
You can mail your payment to a Charter service address that corresponds with the state or city your service address is located.
It is recommended to include the remittance portion of your statement, by printing it from your My Account. If you don't have such a copy, be sure to write down your 16 digit account number on your check or money order.


Pay in time.
To avoid interruption or cut off of service it is ofcourse important to do pay Charter bill by your due date. For instance mailing in your payment to a Charter service address. Here's more on options or about
payment options at other providers such as Suddenlink bill payment online, Metro PCS bill pay

We also plan to have Charter communications reviews here about Charter online bill pay, some refer to it as
And there may also be a facility to post comment and to view a video.

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This pay bill page is for informational purposes only and has no ties whatsoever with the Charter company.

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