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CenturyLink Bill Pay Options

Information about ways to pay for your CenturyLink bill by electronic payment, credit card, automatic payment, quick or by mail, by walk-in payment locations.
CenturyLink is a local provider of high speed internet, phone, mobile and TV Services.

CenturyLink has several options for you to pay your bill.
if you want to pay electronically you can choose one of the electronic ways to pay. On the other hand you can also choose a traditional method.

Quick bill pay option.
You can log in to your 'MyAccount' with your customer information which is your home phone number or your account number. Then in the next step you can fill in your payment information.

Paying by making a one-time electronic payment.
A one-time electronic funds transfer from your bank-account lets you control the payment amount and date. It is also quick and easy.

Paying by credit card.
You can use your major credit card to quickly and securely pay your bill online.

Paying by automatic monthly payment.
You can enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan. It is a sure way that makes paying bills safe, easy and convenient for you. You will receive your statements by mail and then, each month, your payment will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

You can receive a monthly email from CenturyLink when your statement is available. You need to sign up if you want that service.

Paying by Mail.
You can also pay your bill by mail. Don't forget to write your account number on your check, use the envelope provided in your statement, or find the correct mailing address online.

Paying at a Walk-in Payment Location.
In case you you prefer to pay in person, you can one of CenturyLink's walk-in locations.


Pay in time.
To avoid interruption or cut off of service it is ofcourse important to do pay your bill by your due date. Here's more.

Facility Relocation Cost Recovery Fee.
The so-called facility relocation cost recovery fee is a recently - August 2014? - added monthly charge for local phone service.
Discover more about it by reading Melanie Payne's (Tell Mel) contibution: "CenturyLink's little fee is a big deal"

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This pay bill page is for informational purposes only and has no ties whatsoever with the CenturyLink company.

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