Motorola Nextel Phones

Motorola Nextel Phones

Motorola i930 / Nextel Sprint
According to Motorola the Sprint Nextel phone i930 is an elegant solution for the highly mobile professional and the first smartphone with iDEN/GSM network worldwide capabilities.

Sprint Nextel / Motorola i930
Motorola's new smart phone with the Sprint Nextel service.

What does the Nextel i930 look like
And when does it come out.

Nextel i850 Motorola Camera Phone
Motorola's new handset with Enhanced Communication Features.

Motorola i836
Motorola i836 featuring Group Connect: Nextel's New Service.

Nextel i870 cell phone
i870 Motorola with MP3 audio player.

Handset i860 from Nextel and Motorola
The first and only camera phone that unites the power of Direct Connect with two brand new services: Multimedia Messaging and Direct Send.

Boost i860 Phone

Here's info on Boost Mobiles Prepaid (Nextel prepaid phones) from, a division of Sprint Nextel Communications.

Motorola i830 / Nextel i830 Phone
This Motorola i830 is created for mobile business professionals and individuals that demand full functionality in an ultra compact form.

Cell Phone Nextel i730
Being the smallest Nextel handset, the i730 still carries the traditional Push-To-Talk and speakerphone features.

i710 Nextel Phone

Motorola v60s Cell Phone
This sleek flip handset comes with a high audio speakerphone that allows for hands-free communication at the touch of a button.

Nextel i95 Accesories
Info about accessories for your Nextel i95.

Motorola V551 Handset and Cellular Phone Features V551 Motorola

Nextell / Nextel Info
More on Nextel plans.

Alternate place for a Nextel prepaid phone and plan

SERVICEMobility - Automated Wireless Job Scheduling
Wireless scheduling service available on Nextel's Nationwide Digital Network.

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