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New Tablet Xiaomi MiPad - Mi Pad with MIUI Interface

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet - Mi Pad with MIUI interface

A new and affordable tablet has seen the light. It's the Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet, also called tablet MiPad, and manufacturered by the young Chinese company Xiaomi.

Although news is really fresh, here are the facts we know for sure:

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet Display
Screen Size: 7.9-inch with a high resolution of 2048 x 1536p, resulting in a clear 326 PPI display - same quality level as iPad. Especially videos have a real nice picture.

Processor and Memory
Processor: NVIDIA Tegra K1 the powerful mobile processor. The Mi Pad is actually the first mobile device that features this processor.
Central Processing Unit - CPU: Quad-core2, speed: 2.2GHz 4+1 A15
GPU - 192 Kepler.
Resulting in graphic capability which is equal to a PC, and supporting game technologies like OpenGL ES 3.1, 4.4.
Mentioned technology enables great viewing and gaming.

Memory capacity: 2GB RAM processing memory + 16GB ROM built-in memory storage.
Storage is expandable up to 128GB via a micro-SD slot.

Operating System
Android 4.4.
The tablet is supported by the MIUI-MOCHA03 user interface , which guarantees a superior experience, says Xiaomi company. Featuring lock screen, gallery, launcher, video and reading for large screen.
Over 10 types of layout, features for taking notes, for even better reading experience. But also features a swipe down menu, which is quite handy for often used services.

Mobile Officing
Through the WPS mobile officing app, you can write down your notes where ever you want. With this app you can also edit sheets, slides, docs, and because it supports cloud-based drivers like Dropbox and KuaiPan, you can transfer them via Wi-Fi if you wish.

Wi-Fi Capability
Compatible 802.11ac standard with 2X2 antenna, there's Bluetooth 4.0 and stereo speakers

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet Cameras
Two cameras: 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera (both F/2.0), beating iPad.

Battery 6700 mAh for long lasting performance.

202.1mm x 135.4mm x 8.5mm and weight is 360 grams.

The tablet will be available in 5 colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White.
And you can choose from two versions:
- 16GB - for a price of probably $240
- 64GB - for a price of probably $270
Available probably in summer 2014. May be there's a beta model earlier available.

First Impressions
I think this tablet has it to become popular as it is really powerful - compared to other mobile devices -, has an intuitive navigation with the MIUI functionality and attractive pricing.
Although this tablet is larger, it resembles the iPhone 5c and Xioami, the manufacturer, may well challenge other Android and Apple mobiles, for example the iPad Mini.

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