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Where to use Softcard - (formerly Isis Wallet)

by Sybren Bakker

Softcard (formerly Isis Wallet)

If you wonder, where can I use Isis Mobile Wallet, well its actually called Softcard now, you can allow your device to communicate your location to Softcard that gets a map coordinate from your mobile device.

You then will presented locations on your device where you can use Softcard to pay via your mobile.
If you want to know Softcard locations this way, be sure that your location setting is on and gave permission for your browser to share location information with Softcard.

Softcard™ (formerly Isis Wallet) is an initiative of AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA. It is available to all merchants, banks, payment networks and mobile carriers.
For example you can read more about how it works, how to start, and about offers and promos at Softcard - Verizon Wireless or visit AT&T's overview, how to get it and more...

Softcard (formerly Isis Wallet) contactless payments symbol Look for this contactless payments symbol.


An other way to discover locations is going to the Where to Pay map. By entering a city name or Zip code, you will be presented with list of locations where you can pay with Softcard.

After a successful pilot in Salt Lake City, UT, you can use Softcard (formerly Isis Wallet) - in the near future - at the quick-service restaurants of the Subway® chain - more than 26,000 locations nationwide.
You will also be able to pay by yuor phone, using Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Other (nationwide) chain-companies where you can pay contactless or where it is accepted, are McDonald's, Walgreens, Whataburger, CVS, Jamba Juice, Toys 'R Us, Office Depot and certain vending machines. Today, not all locations may already have the right equipment for mobile payments. But it is already rolled out in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Austin TX.

More locations in New York City, NY, such as:
- 4SK, Saint Marks Place
- Duane Reade, 152 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, 14th St, 1st Ave
- ENZS, 125 Second Ave
- Met Foodmarkets, 111 2nd St
- Open Pantry, 184 2nd Ave
- Peridance Center, 126 E 13th St
- Pie Face, 127 4th Ave
- Royal Cleaners, 85 4th Ave
- Sundaes & Cones, 95 E 10th St
- Sunoco, Saint Marks Place
- Urban Outfitters, 162, 2nd Ave
- Village Veterinarian, 340 E 11th St

More locations in Los Angeles, CA, such as:
- American Apparel, 275 E 2nd St
- Andres Fashion, 644 S Broadway
- Cys Jewelry Collection, 637 S Hill St Ste D8
- Doll, 269 S Los Angeles St
- Fig Mart, 700 N Figueroa St
- Nazarian Petroleum, 550 S Hill St
- Pet Project, 548 S Spring St - Ste 107
- Rite Aid, 500 S Broadway

More locations in Chicago, IL, such as:
- BP, 50 W Congress Pkwy
- Foot Locker, South 219 State St - 1600 W 13th St
- Gateway Newstand, 231 S La Salle St
- Harold's Chicken Shack, 1014 S W Ave Ste D
- Levy Restaurants, 1901 W Madison St - Locksmith And Security, 1310 W Madison St
- Radio Shack, 247 S State St Ste C, 1 S Wacker Dr L 2
- Salon 150, 150 S Wacker Dr L
- The Foot Clinic, 1226 W Taylor St

American Express Serve card If you've stored the American Express Serve card in your Softcard wallet, you can also apply the Softcard app when using the Chicago transportation services.
It's tapping the card reader or turnstile after selecting the Serve card. There's even an discount until end of 2014.

More locations in Houston, TX such as:
- Aeropostale, 7925 Fm 1960 Rd W
- Champs Sports, 1250 Willowbrook Mall
- Foot Locker, 174 Willowbrook Mall
- Isw Champions, 6450 Fm 1960 Rd W
- Laser Quest, 6560 Fm 1960 Rd W
- Mister Express Lube, 6606 Fm 1960 Rd W
- Shop N Go, 10730 Grant Rd
- Taco Plus, 10111 Grant Rd
- Zumiez, 7925 Fm 1960 Rd W

More locations in Philadelphia, PA such as:
- 19 Degrees Cafe, 1847 Christian St
- American Apparel, 1611 Walnut St Fl 1
- Bernards, 777 S Broad St Apt 311
- Capital One 360, 1636 Walnut St
- Mine Fragrances Variet, 15 S 11th St
- Rite Aid, 215 S Broad St
- Salad Works, 200 S Broad St
- Sawatdee, 534 S 15th St
- Sunoco, 801 S broad St
- The Grill @ Smuckers, North 12th St

More locations in Phoenix, AZ such as:
- Auto Fit, 1828 W Buckeye Rd
- Black N Blue, 101 N 1st Ave
- Fullerform Systems, 24 E pioneer St
- Rositas Place, 2302 N 12th St
- Sunshine Market, 2302 N 12st St
- New York & Company, 455 N 3rd St

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