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Edge Upgrade Program-Plan at Verizon Wireless

by Sybren Bakker

Verizon Wireless Edge Plan-Upgrade

Verizon Wireless now announced - Oct. 2014 - an update of their equipment payment plan Edge which originated from July 2013, featured a 20 month pay off duration and when 50% and later 60% of the retail price of the phone was paid off you could upgrade to a new smartphone.

These two features, duration and percentage of phone price paid off have changed now.
The payment plan now takes 24 month instead of 20. So, the per month payments are less now.

Edge Up.
But in case you want to change/upgrade your phone - during the plan you have - for a newer/better smartphone, - for example you have an iPhone 5s and want the iPhone 6 - there's now a barrier of 75% (was 50 & 60%) of the phone price that must be paid off.

If you're not in a hurry to upgrade your phone, you can do so after 18 months (= 75% of 24 months) - used to be after 12 months, without paying an upgrade fee, etc..
But on the contrary, I you want to upgrade phones as soon as possible, you can do that now after a period of 30 days and paying 75% of the phone's retail price.

For those who with an Edge plan signed prior to June 1, 2014 doesn't change much, but you can upgrade to a new phone after paying 50% of the original retail price.
Edge customers who signed between June 1 and October 15, 2014 can upgrade to a new phone after paying 60% of the original retail price.

In all upgrade cases the original phone must be returned to Verizon Wireless in good working condition.

Verizon Wireless Edge Plan-Upgrade

If you have faq questions like:
- What benefits does Verizon Edge offer me?
- What are the pros and cons? - Am I eligible for it - and if not - how can I become eligible?
- What's the service agreement?
- And what devices?
- What are the costs, discounts and how about insurance?
- How about prepaid ?
- and more...
See all the faq here at Verizon Wireless.

For some people this Verizon Edge's new policy about phone upgrading might be a reason to look at other wireless carriers such as T Mobile, Republic Wireless and AT&T Gophone.

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Verizon Wireless Edge Plan-Upgrade

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