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SmartSound Case

SmartSound Sound Amplifying Case

Patent pending smart sound case for smartphones awarded with the CES 2013 Innovations Design and Engineering award is the first phone case that has passive amplification of the sound from the smartphone's speakers without the use of a third party power source or external speakers.

This innovation was born out of the fact that the sound of a smartphone is sometimes not loud enough in the highest volume setting and/or because of quite some surrounding noice or a volume limit from the source, and thus to do something about it.

The therefore created smartphone case features a kind of support in the form of a horn - also called kickstand, that is built in the case and can be opened / unfolded to act then as a horn speaker and as a support for the case.

Sofar it is the only smartphone case that does just that. The company indicates the SmartSound case as most fun 'megaphone'.
The company says that this SnartSound case is quite suitable when using FaceTime or Skype. Also watching YouTube videos or videos from other sources, or listening to a mp3 song, let you benefit from the amplified sound.

Features And Tech of the SmartSoundCase

- Really simply to apply sound amplifier.
- No external device needed.
- No batteries or electricity needed.
- Made of durable, strong and lightweighted material
- Sleek and nicely shaped.

This sound-cover comes in six different colors and will be available for the smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII) and the iPhone 5.

Availability and retailprice setting.
As it is a brand new product, expectations are that it is available in Jan.'13 and the price would be less than $40.

Besides smart sound housing the Ken Oh Corporation company also designs and supplies additional units such as the camera flash reflector and the lens cover (detachable).

Check Amazon for best pricing!

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