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Paying by Phone in stores, restaurants, parking etc.

It should be easy to pay by phone everywhere, right?
But that's not so right now. You can't pay by phone at a lot of places. So, first there should to be a lot more stores, restaurants, parking etc. have install the equipment enabling you to pay by your smartphone.

Softcard pay by phone
Where Can I Use Isis Wallet - now renamed Softcard

Information on where you can use Softcard (formerly Isis Wallet) like finding local stores, restaurants, etc that allow contactless payments.

Pay by phone parking

Pay By Phone in Miami To Pay for Parking

Information on options to pay your parking by phone in the Miami area. The service can also give alerts when parking time is about to expire, and you can then, if you wish, extend the parking duration by phone.
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Paying by phone for parking You can now pay by phone for your parking in New Orleans

Most parking meters in New Orleans will now take a payment over the phone. The parking app is supplied by but you can also download it in the app store on your phone.
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Paying by phone


Pay by phone for parking comes to life in Deadwood

The ability to pay for parking via a smartphone app is starting off in the city in Deadwood, SD. The Black Hills Pioneer has more about this.
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Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Why do people think Apple Pay is so innovative—an equivalent feature has been part of Android for more than two years?
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Verizon Wireless Edge Plan-Upgrade

Paying by phone for parking or doing mobile payments contactless

Metro PCS Phones - Refurbished or Used

Metro PCS's Upgrade Nationwide in Speed and Flat Rate Popularity

Mobile Cramming also called Phone Scams or Phone Fraud

Upcoming Mobiles

Amazon Fire Phone One-handed Navigation, plus 3D Effects, Firefly, Mayday

Samsung SM-G906 Galaxy S5 Prime Smartphone

Ara Smartphone Modular Phone Custom Made and Personalized

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet

Amazon's Smartphone

Battery Life

Mobile Device Batteries

Mobile Device Battery Chargers

Eton Boost Turbine 4000 Hand-Crank Charger

Eton Boost 4200 and 8400 Portable Mobile Chargers

iPhone 5 LifeProof Cases

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