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iToolBatteryKit Batteries for iPhone, iPod

As the company states, iToolBatteryKit is a major and popular manufacturer of iPod, Touch, Nano and iPhone batteries selling a lot of Apple mobile device batteries all over the world. They always strive to produce the most reliable iPod / iPhone batteries and accessories available on the net.

See further down this page for Apple iPhone 4 battery replacement cost or for iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G, iPhone 1st Gen,
iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPod Touch 3rd Generation battery replacement kit, (or replace battery 3rd gen itouch ), iPod Touch 2nd Gen, iPod Touch,
iPod Nano 6th Gen, iPod Nano 5th Gen, iPod Nano 4th Gen, iPod Nano 3rd Gen, iPod Nano 2nd Gen, iPod Nano 1st Gen,
iPod Classic 160GB iPod 6th Gen, iPod Classic 80-120GB iPod 6th Gen / 7th Gen 160 GB, iPod Video 60GB -80GB iPod 5th Gen, iPod Video 30GB iPod 5th Gen,
iPod 4th Gen, iPod mini 1st & 2nd Gen, iPod 3rd Gen, iPod 1st and 2nd Gen,
iToolBatteryKit feature affordable batteries as being the manufacturer they have control over the prices. The company stands by top quality products, 100% shipping accuracy, good service and exceptional value. They are motivated to ensure that their customers get exactly what they ordered.

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iToolBatteryKit features lifetime warranty, which indicates that a battery from them has problems within its lifetime, they will replace it, without costs for you, except the usaual shipping and handling costs.

60 days money-back guarantee.
So you can order with confidence. As the company states: "For over 5 years, we have been providing quality batteries for iPods and iPhones, we have a steadfast commitment to superior products and superior service. If you would like to return your battery for any reason in the first sixty days of purchase, you may return your battery for a full refund, minus the shipping costs. To qualify for a full refund, you must not remove battery from its original package."

Charging new batteries.
In most cases new batteries are not pre-charged. You must install the battery and charge the device with your wall or computer charger for at least 3 hours.

Tools included.
iToolBatteryKit includes the official and quality iTool in every shipment - no such cheap plastic tool.

No Risk Shopping.
The company offers anti-fraud protection with online purchases. Their verification systems are in place to help protect your purchases from theft and fraud.

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iPhone batteries:
Usually model numbers are on back of device.
iPhone 4 Battery Replacement (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) A1349 / (At&T) A1332
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 1420 mAh, Type: Li-Poly
Compatibility (model numbers): (CDMA) A1349 (GSM) A1332, A1332, A1349, MC318LL A, MC319LL A, MC608LL A, MC610LL A.
See this page further up for link to get the iPhone 4 battery replacement kit.

iPhone 3GS Battery A1303
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 1200 mAh, Type: Li-Poly
Compatibility (model numbers): MB715LL A, A1303, MB716LL A, MB717LL A, MB718LL A,

iPhone 3G Battery A1241
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 1150 mAh, Type: Li-Poly
Compatibility (model numbers): A1241, MB046LL A, MB048LL, MB499LL.

iPhone 1st Gen Battery A1203
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 1400 mAh.
Compatibility (model numbers): A1203, MA501LL A, MA712LL A, MB384LL A.

iPod Touch 4th Gen Battery A1367
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 950 mAh, Type: Li-Poly

iPod Touch 3rd Gen Battery A1318
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 780 mAh, Type: Li-Poly

iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd Gen Battery A1288
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 900 mAh
Compatibility (model numbers): 616-0343, 616-0399, A1288, MB528LL A, MB531LL A, MB533LL A, MC086LL A.

iPod Touch 1st Gen Battery A1213
Voltage: 3.7 Volt, Capacity: 900 mAh
Compatibility (model numbers): A1213, MA623LL A, MA627LL A.

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