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iPhone 5 LifeProof Cases

LifeProof fre Series Case for iPhone 5

Manufacturer of smartphone and tablet cases LifeProof, states that it is inspired by the protection of the iPhone 5 very different circumstances such as in rain, in mud, in dust, in snow/ice and in water i.e when surfing or swimming.

The company designed and manufactures what they say their lightest and thinnest case named: Frē, for the iPhone 5.

White case:
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Black case:
Check out Amazon for latest and best pricing.

LifeProof Frē Features And Benefits

The lifeProof Frē case for the iPhone 5 features the Sound Enhancement System broadcasting the full sound spectrum.
The system includes a re-engineered speaker ports to deliver maximum acoustic output and sound clarity.

- Water proof: fully submerge, down to 6.6 feet / 2 meters, for up to 30 minutes.
- Dirt proof: totally sealed from minute dirt and dust particles.
- Snow proof: fully enclosed to keep melting sleet, snow and ice out.
- Shock proof: designed to military specifications to survive a 6.6 feet / 2 meters drop.


Dimensions: 5.41 x 2.64 x 0.48 which is in millimeters: 137.52 mm x 67.1 mm x 12.18 mm (0.6 / 14.1 mm at charge port door)
Weight: 1.05 oz / 29.8 g

The company indicates that their Frē case meets the military specifications: Military Standard 810F-516 addressing environmental conditions and functional drop (516)
The mentioned standard means that the phone case can withstand certain shocks that may occur in service environments, transportation and handling.

Another standard, the IP-68 IEL 60529 is a severe ingress requirement concerning water and dust enclosures. The case has to withstand the ingress of dust and water for a number of hours.

What do customers think about the LifeProof iPhone 5 case?

What I see is that user's experiences are somewhat mixed, although they appreciate the low weight of the housing.
And that for some people it takes time to open the plugs for the ports, while others benefit from it taking videos at the bottom of the pool and appreciate that the housing is less bulky as some other cases.

Customer Satisfaction

At Amazon this case rates at the time of writing, about 2.8 out of 5 meaning that there are about same number of customers satisfied / dissatisfied. Those that rated it less usually cited that it took some time to get used to the housing. Mind that people are different and so may experience cases differently.

Here's best pricing at Amazon.

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