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Cell Phone Battery Chargers

Plug-in Car Charger for Cellular Phones
Conveniently charges your cell phone battery while in the car. Rapid charges the battery or provides unlimited talk time while plugged in to power outlet in your car. You can also use it to charge your cell phone at home using the universal 12V DC wall type socket adaptor.

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LCD Desktop Twin Charger
Power up your cellular phone battery right at your desk using this desktop dual charger. It can charge up to 2 batteries at a time. LCD screen displays the charging status while you charge your cell phone batteries.

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Mini Chargers and Travel Chargers

Mini Charger
Mini chargers come with their own leather carrying case. Mini chargers are very portable and compact. LEDs are used to display status of charge.
Travel Charger
Travel chargers connect directly to the cell phones to charge the batteries.

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Battery Life

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Mobile Device Battery Chargers

Eton Boost Turbine 4000 Hand-Crank Charger

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