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Boost Mobile Call Tones

"Make it personal and put some style in your dial.
Give the people who call you a ringback tone to listen to while waiting for you to pick up the phone."

With these words Boost Mobile® announced that it is unique Pay-As-You-Go wireless service to offer Boost Mobile ringback tones.

Made possible by Alcatel, a worldwide leader in telecommunications solutions, the service called “Boost™ Call Tones” - or as some say:

Boost mobile ringbacks -, replaces the standard ringing sound heard when a call is connected and the caller is waiting for the Boost customer to answer.

Boost Call Tones /BoostMobile ringbacks enable Boost customers to customize the sounds callers hear before a call is answered with unique content to fit their mood including music, jokes or original sound effects that entertain waiting callers.

“It’s all about customization and personalization—the ability to hook each caller up with a Boost Call Tone all of their own.
Boost customers can set different sounds for different people and can even assign songs or audio clips for different times of the day, so their friends know what’s up when calling”, says Boos Mobile.


Popular call tones are e.g. BedRock by Young Money feat Lloyd, Su veneno by Aventura, Love The Way You Lie by Eminem, A Milli by lil Wayne, Your Love by Nicki Minaj.

Boost Mobile or BoostMobile as some write, indicates that call tones are available on all Boost Mobile phones. Boost customers can browse, sample and purchase multiple selections from an initial catalog of a lot of call tones. From happy or sad to silly or mad, depending on your mood, the time of day or who’s calling, there is a Boost Call Tone to fit every occasion. So, call tones make the Boost lifestyle very personalized to each user with this tailored ringback / ringbacks for Boost Mobile application. Categories include Music by Genre, Urban Flow, Mood Rings, Film and Television, Sporting Goods and many more.

The Alcatel company enables Boost to customize the handset browser and web interface. With the customized content catalog, friends can select the hottest new music riffs or audio clips best suited to the personality and preferences of the people who call them.


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