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Amazon Smartphone Rumors - Release Date and Feature Speculation

Amazon Smartphone Rumors - Release Date

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How close are we to the introduction of Amazon's first own-brand smartphone? All kinds of rumors can be heard about Amazon's phone, supposed to be equipped with newly developed data, 3D capability and navigation features.

Will there be an announcement in June 2014, and a launch in fall 2014? That's what can be made up from rumors these days. There may also be not just one smartphone but at least two versions. Will this be one high-end phone and a basic one?

It might also be a way for Amazon to notify their future phone owners of attractive offering on Amazon's website, and also to a music streaming service for their phone users.

Well, we still have to guess what's Amazon up to. There are however already some 'facts' leaked out. For example:

3D screen technology and Navigation
It is guessed that Amazon's first smartphone might feature glasses-free 3D screen effects technology - a kind of holographic images - to be seen by users through the application in the phone of front-facing IR(InfraRed) cameras and sensors - probably Omron's Okao Vision sensor face-tracking - which sense and track the eye movements of the user. This enables viewing 3D product pics in Amazon's stores.

The phone may also comprise automatic picture and text zooming with regard to the distance between phone and eyes.
Navigation will be supported by new tilt and motion controls.

Prime Data
It is also assumed that there's a - problably named - Prime Data service package, being a wireless data plan coming with this Amazon's expected phone. It may be available in specific apps you're going to use, and so enjoying free or less expensive LTE data.

In a way it may resemble AT&T's service of Sponsored Data, which let you browse the internet via certain companies' content that pay for the cellular data consumed.

I think Amazon will also offer some kind of service of downloading or streaming. Maybe a bit like Amazon's existing Prime service for downloading ebooks, streaming TV shows, movies from their Prime Instant Video catalog via an Amazon app to your computer, phone, set-top box or TV.

The display will probably measure 4.7" diag. and may have 720p display resolution (= 720 horizontal lines).

Processor and RAM memory
The applied processor might be the Snapdragon from Qualcomm and a memory capacity of 2GB

Operating System
A good guess should be a customized version of Android OS. Amazon applied this OS also for its Kindle devices.

A front-facing camera (video chats etc.), a rear 13 M camera (pictures, videos), and 4 infrared cameras for the interface and 3D effects. (See also '3D screen technology' above.


The new expected Amazon smartphone might well be a similar phone like the better smartphones available these days. But the big adventage might be the suggested Prime Data package, and the 3D, zooming and navigation features.

Dear readers, mind that what I wrote above are assumptions and from what I learned from across the internet most of it may be facts, but as long as Amazon hasn't confirmed/announced their first smartphone, it remains unsure.


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