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How TeleConferencing Works

Teleconferencing is a meeting or communication, of three or more people who are in different remote locations which can geographically be almost anywhere.
You can use teleconferencing services for business, co-workers, relatives, friends etc.

A (tele) conference call connects these people. Each can have either a domestic (U.S.) or an international (non-U.S.) phone number.

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A moderator is the person leading the conference call and who begins the call by entering their PIN. The Moderator also has access to full-featured phone commands to manage their conference call, such as muting and unmuting all lines, recording the conference, roll-call of participants. Usually the provider of the teleconference supplies a guide to moderate phone commands.

Usually there are three steps for the moderator to start the call:
- dial into the toll-free phone
- follow the prompts that instruct you to enter your Conference ID and PIN.
- the participants need only to dial the toll free number and enter the conference ID. Moderaters can use the same convenient toll-free access number, Conference ID and PIN for all of their conferences

ID and PIN: After provider's approval of the account application, the account id and pin will be e-mailed to you.

Conference recording:
Providers may have built-in fully integrated recording capabilities. The moderator then uses a phone command to begin and/or stop recording. You may or may not be charged separately for each recording. Usually you only pay the per minute rate for recording and for on-demand (anytime) playback. Upon completion of your recorded conference, you may receive, via email, a "playback ticket", providing instructions and the password to retrieve your recorded conference. You have the ability to manage your recorded conferences, delete them or access them anytime via a secured portion of provider's website. The necessary moderator phone commands will be sent to you with your account activation.

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