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Boost Mobile, LLC, is a division of Sprint Nextel Corporation and a lifestyle-based phone brand concentrating on offering premium Pay-As-You-Go wireless phones - Boost Mobile Phones - and services to the youth market.
According to the company, Boost-branded wireless cell phones with its Boost™ Walkie-Talkie service and Re-Boost® Cards are available nationwide at locations where youth prefer to shop, including national retailers and convenience stores, and merchants that focus on fashion, music, and action sports-related activities. It's a kind of Nextel prepaid phone and plan service.

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Boost Mobile is also offering pay-as-you-go (prepaid) wireless phones such as the i860 Tattoo or the i285 with features:
Make and Receive cellular phone calls - Nationwide Boost™ Walkie-Talkie - Color Screen - Java™ Games - Polyphonic & Voice Ringtones - Hands-free Speakerphone - Voice Mail - Vibracall® Alert - GPS Enabled (Global Positioning System) - Text Messaging - Boost™ Wireless Web - Removable Faceplate - Vanity Mirror - National Roaming - 600 entry Phonebook
Other Boost mobile phones are the i215 and i730.

There's also the i830 Roxy featuring: - Nationwide Boost™ Walkie-Talkie - Boost™ Wireless Web - Color Screen - Java™ Games - Downloadable Ringtones - Hands-free Speakerphone - Vibracal® Alert - GPS Enabled - Text Messaging - 600 entry Phonebook

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Boost Mobile Call Tones / Ringback Info | Boost i860 Motorola Cell Phone | Boost Mobiles Prepaid