Info HSTNN lb09 Battery for Compaq and HP Laptops

HSTNN lb09 Battery for Compaq and HP Laptops

This HP hstnn lb09 laptop battery - some say hstnn ib09 - is a 6 or 12 cell Li-ion type battery with a voltage of 10.8 and a capacity of 4400 mAh - 48whr.
And can be used in laptops Compaq Presario M2000, M2100, M2200, M2300, M2400, V2000, V2200, V4000, V5000, B1000, B1900, B3000, C300, C500 Series,
HP Pavilion DV1000, DV4000, DV4400, DV5000, ZE2000, ZE2200 series, and DV200, DV1300 DV1700 Series,
HP Special Edition L2000 Notebook Series,
Business Notebook Series HP Compaq nx4800, nx7100, nx7200,
and Notebook Series HP G3000, G3000 and more...

Reviews from different resources are quite positive about this laptop battery.
Some users say that you can use your laptop with the battery for about 2 hours when doing more battery-intensive usage - some say "business use".

Others mention that you get good value for your money. Some experience fitting problems, as in some cases the batery will lift the notebook a little, sort of popping out, what may well be a matter of price, while others dont have such problems and value the battery as even better than the original one.

It also happens that users are not satisfied with the new HSTNN battery. That might have something going wrong at supplier's end.

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To use battery power efficiently, you can lower the brightness on the display, check the Power saver setting in Power Options (if available), take the battery out of your notebook when you dont use it for a long period of time, you might consider buying another battery to extend the amount of time that you can use the notebook on battery power by simply switching to the second battery when the first battery completely discharges.
There will also be more here on HSTNN-lb09 terminal connections.