AT&T Upgrade Options

Being uptodate is a wish of many people and so are many AT&T-device users.
But it isn't always exactly clear what the upgrade eligibility means. For upgrading your device, carrier AT&T has these options:

Of course, at any moment you can buy a new device without any obligations, but usually you then pay the full retail price. You can upgrade to the best selection of devices every 2 years. In that case a 2-year service agreement is required. And if qualified, you can also upgrade after six months of initial activation or upgrade, and get the new device at a discount.

You can upgrade to a new device every year with a Next installment plan.

Mind that a $36 upgrade fee will be applied for each upgraded device.


AT&T also indicates that qualified for upgrades are:
Wireless Home Services devices, tablets / data only devices and phones.
Upgrading involves the same kind of device. Say, from a tablet to another tablet or from a phone to another phone.
But if you have more than one device on your account and it is eligible for an upgrade you can do a so-called cross-upgrade, meaning to upgrade to a different device (but same kind as in your account).

The company further states that device discounts are made available based on a number of factors, including customer loyalty, spending levels, payment history, and usage practices.

AT&T Next installment plan eligibility:

The Next plan is available for customers having an account with good status and are standard upgrade eligible, or new customers with qualifying credit.
The plan is only available for consumer and IRU customers.

Most smartphones and tablets sold by AT&T are eligible for AT&T Next installment plans. Per account you can have 2 AT&T Next devices.

Post-paid wireless plans, such as FamilyTalk, Nation, Individual, and Mobile Share are eligible for the Next installment plan.
Not eligible are the prepaid plans - GoPhone.

The plan requires that you sign an installment agreement to pay for the device over 20 monthly payments. Mind that if you cancel your wireless service, the remaining unpaid balance on the device is due.

When other people use your device, you're still responsible for the monthly payments and the condition of the device if you choose to trade it in.

Those who recently signed a contract (that should be within 14 days), can switch to a AT&T Next plan by going to an AT&T store. Others have to wait until they are upgrade eligible.


When eligible for an upgrade you can choose a wireless device from a list, then for the agreement terms, select the Next plan. It is necessary to agree to an installment contract which the obligation to pay the new device in twenty monthly payments.
At checkout there's a sales tax charge. The first installment will be added to the monthly bill.

You can upgrade - if you're eligible - to a Next installment plan by using the ATT link below and read on there, or go to an AT&T store.
If you're an AT&T customer and want a message with your upgrade eligibility status, dial *639# (*NEW#) from your ATT handset. If you're not currently eligible, the carrier can also let you know when you'll be eligible.
Be sure you're qualified for upgrade before upgrading to a Next installment plan.
New customers should go to an AT&T store.

More on upgrade eligibility at AT&T.

On the other hand, if you're not upgrade eligible yet or just want more choice, you could go for an attractive alternative after your existing plan ends.
You might then consider - depending on your call and internet usage, looking at an extensive marketplace like Amazon, for:

A contract phone, such as Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III, BlackBerry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, HTC One, Nokia Lumia 920,
Here's more on contract phones

A non-contract phone (prepaid), such as Nokia Lumia 520 Gophone, AT&T Z431 GoPhone, AT&T Fusion 2 GoPhone, Samsung a157 GoPhone, AT&T Z221 GoPhone, Alcatel 871A GoPhone,
Here's more on non-contract phones

An unlocked phone. such as HTC Inspire 4G, iPhone 4, Samsung A927 Flight, iPhone 4S, Samsung GT-E1182L, Pantech Burst P9070, Smasung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G, Pantech P7040, Samsung Infuse 4G, Nokia lumia 900,
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