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Most of the iPhone Applications are very useful and some are very fun to use. Some of these, however, are a little more important and useful than the others. They help with organization, planning, or just passing a little time.

App Marks
App Marks is a web desktop/application launcher that organizes your favorite web applications, sites, and widgets for your iPhone. Just tap an appmark to launch or use the toolbar to rearrange, add, or remove appmarks. To add some of your own favorites, tap the "+" button and put in the title and URL. To remove appmarks, tap the "edit" button and push the red "-" mark. It is one of the most useful iPhone applications.

Tilt is a motion controlled game for your iPhone. Gameplay is accomplished by simply rotating the phone to feed Flip. He likes to eat falling leaves and butterflies. Tilt uses the iPhone's accelerometer to change gameplay. This game is pretty fun and remotely addictive. It's a great iPhone application.

ISleuth is and iPhone Javascript Client/Server application that allows for the use of a MacBook or and iSight enabled Mac for surveillance purposes. This application transmits images, live, to the iPhone. It auto-scales JPEG images on rotation, has a motion detection indicator, and a phone Number link that dials a destination in case of an emergency. It can be a very useful iPhone application.

GOffice is a basic word processor for your iPhone. It can save files and can export items in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Results can be emailed to your iPhone or others using a pre-built library of common letters to reduce typing. You can also send documents by US postal mail, worldwide. This can be a very constructive iPhone application feature.

Telekinesis is actually a Mac OS X application, but allows you to access your Mac remotely through a collection of mini web applications on your iPhone. It allows for screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support, simple iTunes remote control, the ability to brose through your files and to use Sight image capture. Telekinesis is a great example of a very useful iPhone application. allows you to search for movies in your zip code and provides you with basic movie information; including length and rating. It also integrates with the Google Maps application to get you directions to the theater, provides a link to buy tickets, and includes links to trailers for the movies as well. has other well-written and helpful articles not only related to different kinds of rumored problems and iphone issues, but also other information and resources related to iphone

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iPhone users can expect more than 100 new features from the next major update to the iPhone OS slated for this summer. Apple revealed some of those additions and enhancements during a press event focused on the iPhone 3.0 software at its Cupertino headquarters Tuesday.

Highlighting the announced changes in Phone 3.0 is the ability to cut, copy and paste text -- a feature requested by iPhone users since the phone's debut in 2007. Other changes include support for Multimedia Messaging Service, a new Voice Memos app, and the addition of a landscape orientation to other apps beyond just Safari. Here's more

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